Similar to Cajun food, Thai food can now be found on most menus throughout the world. However, if one desires truly authentic Thai food they must travel to Thailand to get the best food using local produce. Similar to Cajun, Thai cooking has its own unique heritage and Thai food made with ingredients from anywhere but Thailand is just not truly Thai food. The Thai blend is derived from the original Thai recipes and of course by a Thai. We strive to get all the main ingredients from Thai soil in order to maintain the distinctive Thai taste that the world has come to love.

General Use

The Thai Blend seasoning can be added to all types of food to add flavor and spice. The seasoning enhances the flavor of seafood, chicken, rice dishes, soups, salads, vegetable, etc. The seasoning can also be used for marinating seafood and meats for cooking or grilling.

Please visit the Recipe section of the website for authentic Thai Blend recipes.

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