Thank you so much for the Cajun spices. I put some on fresh grouper filets last night and they were delicious! The Thai Blend was top notch my friend. Last night we put it on some grilled chicken and it was full of flavor with the perfect heat to it…very nice.
Capt Ross Early (Early Bird Fishing Charters)
Islamorada, FL USA

Awesome slipper lobster with butter garlic and Thai Blend seasoning. Great job on the seasoning and definitely fans..Congrats!
Scott and Anna Ricketts
Houston, TX USA

Thanks for the Cajun Blend, I love it. I use it on everything….You should sell this in Russia…!
Olga Churilova
Moscow, Russia
I am enjoying the Cajun Blend seasoning on everything! It has become my favorite spice. My hamburger steaks have a special tang, no longer need worstershire sauce. My meatballs and spaghetti sauce have a richer taste. Cajun Blend even spiced up the bland taste of a fast food baked chicken salad. All and all a great tasting seasoning with little salt. Finally I don't have to give up taste, for less salt and better health.
Glenna Doucet
Houston, Texas
I used the Thai Blend to marinate some pork and then grill and fry….it is very delicious.
Khun Nok
Bangkok, Thailand

I used your Cajun spice on some sautéed green beans and my daughter even loved them. Delicious stuff….
Miklyne Wren
Missouri City, Texas

Your spices are awesome and well regarded by the family! I stick my nose in the cap to sniff the aroma every time I need a fix…..
Ian Porter
Perth, Australia
As a career woman with a hectic lifestyle, I cannot discount that my family also demands for my attention. One way to make them happy is by serving them good food. With my heavy workload, it is hard sometimes to prepare a good meal. But the Cajun spice has certainly made my children happy when I prepare fried chicken. Whenever I fry chicken nowadays I need to double the ration and they will definitely finish the doubled portion and sometimes asks for more. It’s so easy to prepare and I get delighted children always.
Zara Zainon
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I used the Thai Blend on grilled seafood and it has the original Thai taste..!!!
Khun Da
Bangkok, Thailand
Wanted to let you know that I cooked tilapia tonight and sprinkled the cajun spice you gave me to try. Used olive oil and used the spice on both sides. My son and I loved it.
Vivian Bunsey
Houston, Texas
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