For those people who have been fortunate enough to visit Southern Louisiana, a traditional “Seafood Boil” is a Cajun tradition that forever remains in your memory. A Cajun “Seafood Boil” always starts with friends and family gathering to eat fresh boiled seafood - crawfish, shrimp or crabs. The Seafood Boil is a unique experience as everything from onions, garlic, potatoes, corn, mushrooms and sausage gets added to the seafood boil to compliment the seafood being cooked. After hosting many Seafood Boils in Asia, it is apparent that all Asians enjoy this experience and which again solidifies the Cajun Asian experience.

General Use

The Seafood Boil seasoning is specially formulated for boiling or steaming all types of seafood. Boiling seafood is a very healthy method of cooking and the Seafood Boil will enhance the natural flavors of the seafood. Prawns, crabs, shrimp, crawfish (yabbies), lobster or any type of shell fish can be boiled with the Seafood Boil. The Seafood Boil can also be used to add some zest to soups, pasta dishes and marinades.

Please visit the Recipe section of the website for authentic Seafood Boil recipes.

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