While growing up in Louisiana, I was lucky enough to enjoy eating some of the best Cajun food in the world. In order to make our Cajun Blend authentic, we have followed some of the traditional Cajun heritage with the added freshness and uniqueness of the spices from Asia – specifically our chili peppers come from Thailand, which are world renowned for their distinct taste and spice level. In addition to using quality ingredients, our Cajun Blend uses much less salt than typical Cajun seasonings in the marketplace. With the world becoming more aware about healthy food, our Cajun Blend concentrates more on spice, quality ingredients and less salt.

General Use

The Cajun Blend seasoning can be added to all types of food to add flavor and spice. The seasoning enhances the flavor of pizza, seafood, chicken, pasta, soups, salads, vegetable, etc. The seasoning can also be used for marinating seafood and meats for cooking or grilling.

Please visit the Recipe section of the website for authentic Cajun Blend recipes.

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